It’s time to buy a vehicle, and you’re stuck on where to start. This can be a pretty daunting process, especially for someone who has never purchased a vehicle before. Now, however, is the perfect time to figure out what sort of vehicle you’re looking for. We highly recommend buying used! While some people don’t agree with this philosophy, there is nothing better than a good deal, especially for someone who is working with a budget. Beyond that, used vehicles offer many of the same features that a brand new vehicle might offer. You’ll find tech, comfort, reliability, and even decent mileage. We’re here to help you make another choice, whether you’re looking for a used SUV or a used minivan. No matter what, you need to buy a vehicle that fits all of your needs. Keep reading to find out more!



Why should I buy an SUV?


There are many reasons why buying an SUV is a good decision, and we’re here to tell you why! First up is the fact that an SUV gives you a great passenger seating capacity. Many SUVs come with seating for seven, while larger SUVs can sit up to eight. This space also means more room for all of your cargo, especially if the SUV you’re looking at has a third-row that can be folded down for more space in the back. Beyond the interior and space, SUVs have great towing capacities, which is a great help to a busy family with weekend adventures in mind. Whether it’s a motorcycle or a boat, an SUV can give you the power you need. Speaking of adventure, many SUVs are used primarily for off-roading. You’ll be able to enjoy four-wheel drive, or even all-wheel drive, which works just as well in bad weather. You’ll even get the kind of safety that anyone should want in their vehicle. SUVs are made out of sturdy metal, and work well to protect passengers, no matter the environment. 



Why should I buy a minivan?


If an SUV isn't your thing, that’s okay! Minivans are just as impressive and offer their own set of reasons as to why you should be buying one. One of the biggest benefits, for people with families, is how easy it is for children to get in and out. Dropping your kids off at school will be seamless, and carting everyone around to practice has never been as smooth of a process. This is mostly due to the sliding doors, but also thanks to how low to the ground most minivans are. There is also an abundant amount of cargo space, similar to what an SUV can offer. That makes the minivan perfect for long road trips, and all of the gear kids need for their various extracurricular activities. Minivans are also known for the safety features that are available. No matter the situation, these vehicles were created with keeping the driver and passengers as safe as possible. Expect to find a used minivan with plenty of driver assistance technologies. 


What are a few options that Crosspointe has to offer?


We have a wide variety of SUVs available here at Crosspointe Motor Cars. Many of these available models include Grand Cherokee, Equinox, Escape, HR-V, Rogue, and Outback. Throughout these different models you are sure to find the right SUV that fits your needs, whether you’re an off-roader, or just looking for a daily-commuter. When it comes to used minivans, we have many Odyssey models available at our dealership, along with Grand Caravans, and Sedonas. Now’s your time to pick the vehicle that is right for you!


At Crosspointe, we work hard to have all of the models that you could be looking at. We want to make sure that you go home in the vehicle that fits all of your needs, and only offers the best in technology and comfort. Check out our full used inventory, and be sure to stop on by to see what we have on our lot.


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