It’s that time of year! The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and your family is ready to go out and enjoy the best that Virginia has to offer for Fall foliage. We’re here to let you know that we support these road trips more than anything, especially if your vehicle is road trip ready. Here at Crosspointe Motor Cars, we have a great service center that is standing behind you if you want to get your vehicle on the road to enjoy Fall and everything that it has to offer. Down below we’ll be going through some of the top road trips that you and your family should be taking in Virginia. We hope this is helpful, and if you are checking your vehicle before you go, be sure to take it to our service center!


Skyline Drive: One of the top destinations that is always suggested to people in Virginia is going along the Skyline Drive. This gives you an amazing view of the mountains, which during Fall, gives you a beautiful glance at the world at large as it shifts between seasons. One of the best places to stop on this drive is the Hogback Outlook. This lets you look down at the Shenandoah River that is down below, along with all of the trees. You’ll even be able to see settlements from years gone by, and give anyone in your vehicle a quick history lesson of Virginia itself. Remember to watch out for wildlife!


Presidential Homes: Fall is the perfect opportunity to take a tour of all of Virginia’s history. You can easily do this by making it a point to drive to each of the homes of past presidents. It’s highly recommended that you start at Mount Vernon, and slowly wind your way into Fredricksburg, and on through Lynchburg. You will love giving your kids a blast from the past, and the foliage around you will most definitely make the experience more beautiful. 


The Crooked Road: Anyone that is interested in music has probably heard plenty about The Crooked Road. This is wildly known as Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. Anyone that is interested in traditional country, folk, or bluegrass music will enjoy everything that this adventure has to offer. There’s even a stop at the Blue Ridge Music Center in Galax, which is perfect for an outdoor concert. Sounds like it’s time for you to crank some tunes, enjoy the colorful trees, and start your next trip.


The Blue Ridge Parkway: Another great place to drive your car around is the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is the most famous highway in Virginia, and it connects two national parks. That means, especially for people who appreciate wildlife, there will be plenty to see as you weave your way along the main road. Picture taking is a must, and you can even stay overnight in Montebello before journeying on to see the tallest waterfalls in the entire state.


Are you readying yourself for a Fall road trip? Stop into our service center and let us take care of the small things to prepare your vehicle for the road ahead. Now is the perfect time of year to take advantage of the falling leaves and the crisp air.


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