Wiper blade replacement in Winchester, VA

Wiper blades are one of the simplest yet most effective innovations we have made in the automotive industry. They are so simple that we completely forget about their care or maintenance unless it is time to think about it. Have you been stuck in rain and found out your automatic wiper blades are not working? That situation can be very scary.

If you live in Frederick County, VA, you can give CrossPointe Motor Cars a call. Whether it’s a wiper blade replacement or you just need a quick tire service, our team of experts has you covered.

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Signs it is time for a Wiper Blade Replacement

The lifespan of your windshield wipers can depend upon a lot of factors but generally speaking, you should get them replaced every six to twelve months. Some warning signs that indicate it is time for a wiper blade replacement are-

1. They do not work but just spread dirt around the windshield

2. They begin leaving streaks on your windshield

3. There are cracks or splits in the rubber

4. They make a chattering noise and skip places while wiping

Wiper blade replacement in Winchester, VA

If you live in or around Winchester, VA you can come to us to get your wiper blades replaced. Here at CrossPointe Motor Cars, we have no-hassle buying and pro-certified warranties available. We have expert technicians and specialized tools. To save some more, you can check out our ongoing service special offers. Give us a call at (855) 466-4207 or schedule a service today!


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