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Shopping in general is a pain. That’s why services like Amazon have become so popular. You find what you need, get it for the lowest price available, and then forgot about it until it arrives a few days later. There’s no salesperson trying to up-sell you. There are no cagey pricing schemes. It’s just shopping made straightforward.

What businesses like Amazon have done for shopping is what we here at CrossPointe Motor Cars are trying to do for used car sales. Our sales service is no-nonsense. We give you the lowest price from the get-go and do so with simple-to-understand and transparent processes. Integrity and simplicity are our mantra.

Cheap Used SUVs in Winchester, VA

Unrivaled Warranty

We’ve got one of the best warranties around. On eligible vehicles, you get a FREE Pro-Certified Lifetime Warranty. That fancy name does exactly what it says it does. By just following manufacturer recommended maintenance, your used CrossPointe SUV will be covered for as long as you own it. Other dealer warranties last for a few months, maybe a year, tops.

Where other dealers might skimp on protection to get you a longer warranty, we don’t. Our warranty doesn’t cover everything, but it comes pretty close. Major engine failure? We got it, no cost to you. Transmission not working properly? We’ll fix it, no money out of your pocket. If you’d like to see a more complete list of coverage, click here.

Top-Rated Dealership

Hey. We get it. As far as you know, we’re just some people on the internet trying to get you to buy a car. However, people just like you have been taking a chance on us. Those same people leave reviews. Unbiased and anonymous. Take a look at what they have to say. Not only that, but we were nominated for the TIME Dealer of the Year Award in both 2017 and 2018, making us one of only 47 dealers out of more than 16,500 dealerships nationwide to receive a nomination.

Come to CrossPointe Motor Cars to get your next used vehicle.

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