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2019 Enclave parked in driveway

If you’ve been trying to find an upscale SUV that has a full three rows of seating, then your options are limited. However, the options you do have can be quite good. Case in point: the Buick Enclave. A full-size three-row SUV from the celebrated American automaker, the Buick Enclave combines practicality with luxury, achieving a level of both that exceeds the sum of its parts.

The Buick Enclave entered the market as part of the 2008 model year. Over the past decade, Buick has refined the Enclave from a great SUV into an exceptional one. It has had two generations: generation one went from 2008 to 2018, with a refresh in 2013, and generation two has been ongoing since 2018, with a refresh due for the 2022 model.

If you’d like to get hands on with a Buick Enclave, then you’ve come to the right place. CrossPointe Motor Cars in Winchester, VA, has a wide selection of used models to choose from, including the Buick Enclave, as well as other Buick models.

Used Three-Row SUV in Winchester, VA

Why Buy from CrossPointe?

Here at CrossPointe, we want to keep things simple. That’s why we have a no-nonsense approach with all of our vehicles. We sell our cars at a fair market value price and list that price on the sticker. No need to haggle to get the price down to something affordable. If you decide that you’d like to purchase a vehicle from CrossPointe, our friendly sales staff will walk you through everything step-by-step, explaining what’s happening as they go. No “just sign here” shenanigans. On top of that, many of our vehicles come with a FREE lifetime powertrain warranty. Whether you own that CrossPointe vehicle for two years or twenty, that powertrain warranty is always there.

Interested in a used Buick Enclave or another Buick model? Give CrossPointe Motor Cars a call.

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