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Tire Patching | Winchester, VA

You walk out to your vehicle and something doesn’t look right. It’s squatting funny. So you take a closer look and one of the tires is really deflated. It doesn’t look flat, just really low. You fill it up with air and drive it like normal. After a few hours, you notice it’s back down again. What’s going on?

If one or more of your tires keeps deflating, chances are you need to get a tire patched. Here at CrossPointe Motor Cars, our expert technicians have access to the specialized tools and genuine OEM parts that your vehicle needs to get back on the road.

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Is it safe to patch a tire or do I need new ones?

Patching is used to repair a small puncture or clean incision in a tire. Think holes from nails or small cuts. If there’s a laceration in your tire, a 1/4-inch is usually the biggest that can safely be repaired. Similarly, any tire with less than 1/16-inch of tread left cannot be patched at all, no matter how small the puncture or cut is.

But what if there isn’t a cut or puncture? Then chances are the tire isn’t seated properly around the wheel bead. Fixing this involves removing the tire from the wheel, removing any debris, and reseating the tire on the wheel. This process also gives a technician the chance to thoroughly examine the tire, which makes finding any damage very easy.

Where to a tire leak fixed near Winchester, VA?

If you’re tires are leaking and you live near Frederick County, VA, then schedule a service appointment with us here at CrossPointe Motor Cars. You can schedule online or give our service department a call to get an appointment set up. And don’t forget to check out our service specials to make sure you’re getting the lowest prices.

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