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Light Bulb Replacement | Winchester, VA

You pull up to a streetlight and flip the turn signal. For some reason, it seems to be making its usual clicking noise much faster than normal. Or perhaps you’re driving along and people keep flicking their brights on and off when they pass you. Maybe you’ve noticed that you can’t see as well on one side of the vehicle as you can the other. All of these things could be the result of a headlight, taillight, or turn signal bulb being burnt out.

If you have a burnt-out bulb or two, CrossPointe Motor Cars has you covered. Here at CrossPointe, our expert technicians have access to the specialized tools and genuine OEM parts your vehicle needs. They can get your vehicle back in tip-top shape again in no time.

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Signs That a Bulb Has Burned Out

There many ways to tell if the bulbs in your headlights, taillights, or turn signals have burned out without having to physically see that they aren’t on. A few of them are:


Uneven/dim lighting

Lights flicker without input from driver

Turn signal clicks faster than normal when in use

Warning light appears on gauges


If you suspect that a light is out, the best course of action is to do a walk-around and check. If a light is out, then consider bringing your vehicle to CrossPointe Motor Cars to get it replaced.

Where to get a bulb replaced near Winchester, VA?

If one or more bulbs on your vehicle needs to be replaced and you live in Frederick County, VA, CrossPointe will be glad to help. You can schedule an appointment online or via phone call. Whether you need a bulb (or two) replaced, an oil change done, your brake pads replaced, or anything else, our expert technicians will be able to help.

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