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Belt Replacement | Winchester, VA

You go outside to start your car on a cold day and it squeals. And squeals. And squeals. Or maybe you’ve noticed that steering is a lot harder and every turn you make is like being in a wrestling match with a ton of steel. Perhaps your engine keeps overheating, even though it’s topped off with coolant and you haven’t seen any leaks. These situations, and many more, can be caused by a worn-out belt.

If you suspect that a belt is going bad on your vehicle, then we have the solution. Here at CrossPointe Motor Cars, we have experienced mechanics who have access to the specialized tools and genuine OEM parts your vehicle needs. They can get your vehicle back out on the road in a jiffy.

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Signs That a Belt Has Gone Bad

There many signs that a belt has gone or is going bad. However, there are a few surefire ones that definitely mean a belt is worn out. They are as follows:


Cracks, visible signs of wear on belt

Squealing on start-up and/or while running

Power steering not working properly

A/C not working properly

Engine continuously overheating

Headlights, gauges dim on start up


If you are experiencing one or more of these things, then bring in your vehicle to CrossPointe Motor Cars to get the culprit removed and replaced.

Where to get a belt replaced near Winchester, VA?

Have a worn-out belt and need it changed out? Live in Frederick County, VA? CrossPointe is the place to go. An appointment can be scheduled online with our scheduling tool or by phone. Whether you need specific repairs, like getting a belt replaced, or any other type of maintenance, the expert technicians here at CrossPointe can get your squared away ASAP.

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