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A/C Repair | Winchester, VA

It’s a hot summer day. Your vehicle has been sitting outside all day and is absolutely sweltering inside. You sit inside, start it up, and turn the A/C to max to cool everything down as quickly as you can. After a few minutes, though, it hasn’t gotten any colder. You put your hand in front of a couple of the vents, but none of them seem to be blowing any air. Fantastic.

If the A/C in your vehicle isn’t working, CrossPointe Motor Cars technicians have the specialized tools and genuine OEM parts to get everything back in working order.

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Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

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Signs A/C is going bad?

Chances are you may have noticed the signs that your vehicle’s A/C was going out before it went out. Here are just a couple of signs among many that the A/C in your car may be failing:


A/C doesn’t cool vehicle as much as it used to

Strange noises while A/C is on, like grinding, squealing, or sputtering

Strange smell coming from vents when A/C is on

Water pooling under your vehicle’s dash while/after A/C is/was on


Your vehicle’s A/C system is complex. As a result, it can fail at numerous different places along the way. It could be something as simple as low freon levels or some compromised tubing, all the way to a broken compressor unit. Usually, certain signs indicate what the issue is, but it can be hard to be sure without professional assistance. That's where we come in.

Where to get A/C fixed near Winchester, VA?

If you’re near the Frederick County area and your vehicle’s A/C is on the fritz, consider scheduling a service appointment at CrossPointe Motor Cars by using our online schedule or by giving us a call. The CrossPointe service department can fix up your car’s A/C system and make your commute comfortable.

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