What are the different kinds of vehicle titles?

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Vehicle Titles Explained

If you’ve bought and insured a vehicle before, then you know how confusing vehicle titles can get. There’s a bunch of different types and terminology surrounding them that isn’t always clear. For instance, you may not realize that a title is often referred to as a pink slip. So then…

What are the different kinds of vehicle titles?

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Different Vehicle Titles

It’s important to know that vehicle titles vary by state. Here are five common ones that stay pretty consistent throughout the States:

  • Clear
  • Salvage
  • Rebuild/Reconstructed
  • Dismantled
  • Junk

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Clear Title

A clear vehicle is not damaged beyond repair. It also has no liens on it. This is the most typical title given to a vehicle. Most vehicles at dealerships have this kind of title.

Salvage Title

A vehicle that has been damaged somewhere between 60-75%. A salvage vehicle can be made roadworthy again but cannot receive a clear status. Salvage titles lower the vehicle’s value by a large amount. However, they are rarely eligible for financing. Similarly, some insurance companies may not offer full coverage or any coverage above liability for salvage vehicles.

Rebuild/Reconstructed Title

This is a type of title given to salvage vehicles that have been repaired to full operation and safety standards. For a salvage vehicle to receive a rebuild title, it must undergo and pass an extensive professional inspection.

Dismantled Title

A vehicle that with severe damage whose repair costs exceed the value of the vehicle. Often times, these vehicles are inoperable. Dismantled vehicles are only good for parts or scrap metal.

Junk Title

A junk vehicle is one that’s taken damage equal to more than 75% of a vehicle’s value. These vehicles cannot legally be considered roadworthy, even if they are technically drivable. Some states consider salvage titles and junk titles to be the same.

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