What are the different cab types and what do they mean?

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Truck Cab Names and What They Mean

Even if you’re familiar with trucks, cab names can be confusing. It most certainly doesn’t help that so many of brands use different terminology to refer to the same thing or something only slightly different.

Let us help.

What are the different cab types and what do they mean?

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Standard cab plow truck

Regular/Standard Cab

These are the most straightforward and least confusing. Most manufactures don’t change the name of this type of cab, meaning that it is the same across the industry. A regular or standard cab is always a two-door truck, usually with a bench seat for one or two extra passengers. This cab weighs the least and its short length means that the boxes are usually bigger. Due to this, standard cabs often have the highest maximum towing capacity and payload.

Super/Quad/Extended Cab

Think of this style as 1 ½ rows of seating. These cabs have four doors, but the rear doors are small and only open after the fronts have been opened. Rear row seating is tighter than the front in this cab style. Over the years, though, the space has increased significantly.

  • Chevrolet/GMC: Extended Cab (Pre-2014)
  • Chevrolet/GMC: Double Cab (Post-2014)
  • Ford: Super Cab
  • Nissan: King Cab
  • Ram: Quad Cab
  • Toyota: Access Cab

Crew/Double Cab

This style of cab has two full rows of seating. Think of it as an SUV cab situated on a truck chassis. Like the regular cab, this one is pretty straight forward conceptually. It has smaller box sizes and less towing capacity in exchange for increased seating capacity.

  • Chevrolet/GMC: Extended Cab
  • Ford: Super Crew
  • Nissan: Crew Cab
  • Ram: Crew Cab
  • Toyota: Double Cab

Extended Crew/Mega/Crew Max Cab

This type of cab isn’t produced by all manufacturers. It is an even larger version of the crew cab, with even more emphasis on rear passenger space. It only comes with the smallest box option and usually has some of the lowest towing and payload numbers because of that.

  • Chevrolet/GMC: Crew Cab
  • Ram: Mega Cab
  • Toyota: CrewMax Cab

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