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What are the Best Kind of Hatchbacks for Road Trips? 

Road trips are some of the most exciting vacations of all. While many vacations focus on wherever you’re traveling to, part of the beauty of a road trip is all of the memories you can form while just getting to your destination. While people and groups will always have to be prepared with all of the gear, snacks, luggage and more to bring, it’s also important to have the right vehicle for the trip. So what are some of the best kind of hatchbacks for road trips? 


When planning a road trip, it’s important to calculate how much it will cost for gas, food, as well as other various expenses. Because of this, it’s crucial to find a hatchback for an affordable price. Models such as the Honda Civic Hatchback, Ford Focus and plenty more are all quality vehicles for a price fewer than $25,000. 

Fuel Economy 

Finding a hatchback with a fantastic fuel economy is another great way to save money throughout the road trip. With models such as the Hyundai Elantra GT, the new model can get 32 highway mpg when equipped with the automatic transmission. 

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Honda Civic Hatchback2018 Honda Civic Hatchback parked overlooking city at night
Ford FocusGreen 2018 Ford Focus Hatchback parked on open road

Cargo Space 

Combining impressive performance with a spacious interior is the bread and butter of a hatchback. When looking at the Civic Hatchback, Focus and Elantra GT once again, these models offer a maximum cargo capacity of 46.2, 44.8 and 55.1 cu.ft of space. Finding a hatchback with ample amounts of space is a necessity for all of your gear on the trip.  

Those were just a few of the features that make for the best kind of hatchbacks for road trips. You can learn about your favorite hatchback models by contacting us at Miller’s CrossPointe Motor Cars. Feel free to test drive your favorite hatchback today when visiting our dealership in Winchester, VA.  

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