Follow These Tips to Get Extra Money Towards a New Car

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How to Get the Most Money for Your Trade-in 

Even though most people already have a car of their own, it never stops a driver from continuing to look for bigger and better options. In fact, many drivers save plenty of money by upgrading vehicles thanks to selling their current car. While private selling can be a hassle, trading in a car towards another one is a quick and easy way to get a deal on a new car. That’s why we wanted to help give you some tips on how to get the most money for your trade-in. 

Car title and documents Five Tips to Get the Best Value for your Trade-in 

  1. Start right away. Drivers can help keep and even increase their car’s value by taking care of the vehicle right away. Keeping a car clean, keeping up to date with maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake pad replacements and more can all go a long way into helping you get the best value. 
  2. Clean your car! Cleaning both the inside and outside of your car will go a long way into helping you get the most out of your trade-in. Now, you don’t have to go too crazy making your car look like new, but a clean car is an essential part of a good trade-in. 
  3. Don’t have exotic colors. The bond people share with their cars is often something special. In fact, many people want to customize as much as they can with the look and feel of the car. However, when considering a trade-in and what other drivers will want, many people are going to shy away from more exotic-looking cars. If your car is a standard car color (black, white, silver, red, blue), you will likely see a better trade-in value.  
  4. Learn about your car’s value. A good way to get a head start on finding the best value for your car is to know what it’s worth. Tools such as Kelley Blue Book are helpful to give you an idea of what your vehicle is worth with its current mileage, helping to give you an idea of its worth. 
  5. Understand where the dealer is coming from. While finding the value of your car online is a helpful place to start, that isn’t always what you’ll get from any dealership. Drivers can sometimes get close to the KBB value by selling a vehicle privately, but a trade-in offers convenience to the customer. Because of this convenience to unload your car, along with knowing a dealership has to make money as part of the deal thanks to offering drivers this convenience, be prepared to take a little less than you could get by selling privately. 

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