Understanding what the dashboard lights in your vehicle mean

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2020 Ford Mustang Instrument Panel

Ford dashboard warning lights and what they mean

Have you ever had a dashboard warning light turn on, and you did not know what it meant? Did you know if you could make it home, or if you should head right to the mechanic’s shop? Keep reading to learn about the Ford dashboard warning lights and what they mean.

General Ford dashboard lights

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of dashboard lights. These are some of the more popular ones that will be found in most makes and models.

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Ford Adaptive Cruise Control Warning LightAdaptive Cruise Control

When the system is on the light will be white, when the system is engaged it will be green.

Ford Anti-Lock Braking System Warning LightAnti-Lock Braking System

You will see this light if there is an issue with the system. Your normal brakes still work but you should have your vehicle serviced.

Ford Auto Start Stop Warning LightAuto Start-Stop

This light turns on when the engine is shutting down.

Ford Battery Warning LightBattery

You need to shut everything electrical off that you can and get to your trusted Ford mechanic.

Ford Blind Spot Monitor Warning LightBlind Spot Monitor

This light will illuminate when the system is off.

Ford Brake System Warning LightBrake System

When the system is engaged, the light turns on; have the vehicle serviced immediately if the light comes on while driving.

Ford Cruise Control Waring LightCruise Control

You will see this light when the system is on.

Ford Direction IndicatorDirection Indicator

These lights turn on when left and right turn signals or hazards have been turned on.

Ford Door Ajar lightDoor Ajar

A door is open.

Ford Electric Park Brake Warning LightElectric Park Brake

The light will illuminate if there is an issue with the electric parking brake.

Ford Engine Coolant Temperature Warning LightEngine Coolant Temperature

Pullover and let your vehicle cool off as soon as possible.

Ford Engine Oil Warning LightEngine Oil

You should pull over and let the vehicle cool off for a while. You can check the engine oil level and then have your vehicle serviced.

Ford fasten Safety Belt Warning LightFasten Safety Belt

The light will be on until you put your seatbelt on.

Ford Front Airbag Warning LightFront Airbag

If this does not briefly turn on, it stays on, or it continues to flash, have your vehicle serviced right away.

Ford Front fog Lamps Warning LightFront Fog Lights

The light turns on when front fog lights are on.

Ford Heads Up Display LightHeads-Up Display

It will momentarily light up when starting the vehicle.

Ford High Beam Warning LightHigh Beam

The light turns on when high beams are being used.

Ford Hood Ajar Warning LightHood Ajar

You will see this light when the hood of your vehicle is not completely shut.

Ford Lane Keeping Aid Warning LightLane Keeping Aid

The system is engaged.

Ford Low Fuel Level Warning LightLow Fuel Level

Get to a gas station soon!

Ford Low Tire pressure Warning LightLow Tire Pressure Warning

The pressure in one or more tires is not where it should be; if it does not go away after filling tires, have your vehicle serviced.

Ford Parking Lamp Warning LightParking Lamp

Your parking lamps have been turned on.

Ford Powertrain Fault WarningPowertrain Fault

A powertrain issue has been detected, contact your trusted Ford mechanic immediately.

Ford Service Engine Soon LightService Engine

If the light remains on after starting your vehicle, contact your trusted Ford mechanic.

Ford Stability Control Warning LightStability Control

Have your vehicle serviced immediately if this light stayed on or did not turn on after starting your vehicle.

Ford Stability Control Off Warning LightStability Control

The light turns on when the system is off.

Ford Trunk Ajar Warning LightTrunk Ajar

The trunk is not completely closed.

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