Are there any minivans that have AWD?

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Which Minivans Have AWD?

Minivans have a lot going for them. They have crazy spacious seating with high seating capacity. Newer models are packed with features, both for the driver and the rear passengers. However, there is one thing many minivans don’t have: AWD.

So, are there any minivans that have AWD?

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Toyota Sienna

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For a long time, the only minivan on the market with AWD was the Toyota Sienna. Since 2003, every model year Sienna has had an AWD variant of some sort. That gives you two generations of Sienna to choose from: 2nd gen (MY 2004-09) and 3rd gen (MY 2011-20). The 2021 Sienna will kick off the 4th gen and has been confirmed to have an AWD variant. So, whether you want a super affordable option or a newer, feature-laden one, the Sienna is the perfect choice.

Chrysler Pacifica

Recently, the Chrysler has decided to challenge the dominance of the Sienna when it comes to AWD. Select 2020 Pacifica models scheduled to be released in Fall 2020 and all 2021 Pacifica models will have an AWD variant. No AWD variants are planned for the either the 2020 or 2021 Chrysler Voyager minivans. Given the more budget-friendly presentation of the Voyager, this is to be expected.

Three-Row SUVs

If you’re underwhelmed by the lack of AWD choices when it comes to minivans, it may be worth considering a three-row SUV, such as the Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, or Volkswagen Atlas. All of these vehicles have the same seating capacity and many of the same features as a minivan, whilst always having an AWD option.

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