Bad Credit Car Loan Winchester VA

Bad Credit Car Loan Winchester VA

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It’s time to buy a vehicle, but you’re worried about your credit score. Here at our dealership, CrossPointe Motor Cars, we want to make sure that you can always get behind the vehicle of your choosing. That is why we’re going to go through the different ways that, even with a bad credit score, you can get the vehicle that you want. A bad credit score shouldn’t keep you away from the right vehicle, and instead should be used as a jumping off point so you can boost your credit score by making consistent payments. Down below we’re going to discuss the ways that you can get that car loan you need, even with a less than ideal credit score. Our financial team at our dealership is ready to help!

Can you share tips on how to get a loan with a bad credit score?

Know your score: Before anything else, you need to know your credit score. This ensures that you have a better handle on your credit history, which offers you a starting off point when going through the process of getting a car loan. You might even want to attempt to take action to repair your credit score before you start the car search. 
Research: As soon as you have your credit score, and understand how you can repair your credit score, it’s time to get to researching. This includes looking at the Annual Percentage Rate, which is the loan’s yearly interest rate. You might also want to look at specific car-oriented websites that focus on how much the vehicle you’re looking at should be worth. That way you have a better idea of how much money you will need to take out in the first place, or at the very least, allow you to better budget.
Start shopping: Now that you know your credit score, the APR you need, and the budget you are hoping to work with, you need to start shopping. Make sure to never limit yourself to a single lender, you will want to find a lender that specifically works with car loans for people with bad credit. Do not draw the process out longer, especially when a lender runs a hard credit check on any application you fill out. This is because your credit score will drop, as the application is a signal that you are going to be taking on more debt.

Get a co-signer: One way that you can make sure you get a car loan, even with bad credit, is to get someone to agree to be your co-signer. This person will be in charge of making sure that, if you can’t make the payments, they will have to make them. Co-signers are important negotiating tools, and even result in lower interest rates. Make sure you bring someone that you trust!

What does CrossPointe Motor Cars have to offer?

We have a large inventory of used vehicles offered at our dealership. No matter your credit score, we will work with you closely to make sure you can drive one of our vehicles off of our lot and into your driveway. We are here to help, and your happiness is the most important part of our everyday business. We hope to see you at our dealership soon!
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